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We Need Your Help!

Hurricane Harvey was over a year ago but there are still families recovering from that devastating storm.  The 4B Disaster Response Network continues to rebuild homes.  Will you join our efforts to reach out in the community?

There are many ways to help:

  • Prepare a home to be worked in.  If you would like to help prepare a job by gathering or delivering tools or supplies, please CLICK HERE.
  • Work to repair a home. If you would like to work in a home either during the week or on one of our First Saturday Serve events, please click on Calendar tab to see all the dates available.
  • Serve this summer.  Do you represent a larger group of people who want to help this community?  CLICK HERE to register your group to serve for a more extended time in the coming months during our Summer Group Serve. Please note, this is for groups staying multiple days.