Next First Saturday Serve: December 3rd
Individuals, families, and small groups are encouraged to use the first Saturday of the month to serve the 4B community. Our First Saturday Serve for December is on Dec. 3rd and we are counting down the days until you join us in making a difference! Please click on the button below to register. If you would like to join us during our regular work week (Monday-Friday), contact us above.

Ways to Help


We continue to mobilize hundreds of volunteers to help support, clean, and rebuild our neighborhoods and cities after disasters, from Hurricane Harvey to the recent Winter Storm.


All donations will be used to provide relief and recovery assistance to individuals, families, and churches in the 4B area.


One of the biggest ways we all can be involved with the recovery is that we pray daily for our families, our community and our churches.

What is the 4B area?

The 4B area is the target region where we mobilize our network of churches and volunteers to reflect the gospel of Jesus Christ through serving people affected by disasters. The 4B area is from the Beltway to the Beach and Brazoria County to the Bay.