The 4B Disaster Response Network was established to be PREPARED TO SERVE in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. We have worked in over 1,600 homes in the last 5 years and have had the privilege to fully rebuild almost 500 homes! Although we still work in Harvey-affected homes daily, we need to be PREPARED TO SERVE those who will be affected by the next disaster.

Through our partnership with New Life fellowship in Texas City, we have the opportunity to create a “disaster response facility” to serve the 4B Area for the decades to come.  We are repurposing a building that once provided a full-sized gym, classrooms, offices, nursery, and kitchen.  The new footprint will provide warehouse space, offices, commercial kitchen, restrooms with showers, and housing space.  Immediately following a disaster, we will have the capacity to shelter 100 residents and then be in a position to utilize that same space to house volunteer crews who will come to serve the 4B Area.  Additionally, the commercial kitchen will be PREPARED TO SERVE 1,000 meals a day to locals and teams of volunteers who follow.

Conservatively, it will require $300,000 to fully renovate the facility and meet local building codes.  While we pursue Grants and Foundation funding, we are asking local churches and individuals to consider making a one-time, tax-deductible gift. Please consider helping us be PREPARED TO SERVE our neighbors in the years ahead.

Take a Virtual Walkthrough of Our New Operations Center.

For more information, contact:

John Eckeberger, Executive Director  
(713) 628-2453