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Over three years ago as we launched the 4B Disaster Response Network (4B DRN). A number of area churches, individuals, outside charities, and foundations provided the financial support to set us in motion. While we are still blessed with the support of local churches and individuals, the outside funding has come to an end for the most part.

The Board of Directors is excited to announce a plan to provide sustainable financial support for the important work of the 4B DRN. Introducing…..

We are asking individuals, families, small groups and businesses to consider providing a monthly financial gift of $50 toward the mission of the 4B DRN. We are seeking a total of 1,000 Champions to provide the $50,000 a month budget so our work can continue without interruption. An annual gift of $600 will make a difference in the lives of so many families here in the 4B Area. You will be their CHAMPION!

Is there still a need? From our original database of 2,500 families seeking assistance with Hurricane Harvey damage we have made great progress. We have worked in well over 1,500 of those homes and completely restored almost 450 of them to pre-Harvey conditions. However, we are certain there are at least 250 to 500 homes in the 4B Area that still need to be restored to a safe, secure & sanitary condition. These are marginalized families in our communities who have no other resources at their disposal to get back into their homes and most have completely lost hope that they ever will.

Our monthly budget of $50,000 allows us to continue to bring these families home to a safe environment. Should we raise additional funds beyond our budget needs we will increase the volume of our work and accelerate our restoration efforts.

Will you consider joining us in our mission? Your monthly contribution can be set up with a one-time visit by clicking


Your gift is tax deductible.

Should you have questions regarding the 4B DRN Champion program, please connect with our Executive Director, John Eckeberger, at (713) 628-2453 or via email at

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