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God is using the 4B DRN around the area in ways you may not be aware of. Take a minute and see how you too can become the hands and feet of Jesus in your community.

New Group to Help with Disaster Preparedness

John Eckeberger serves as executive director of the 4B Disaster Response Network, headquartered at a Texas City warehouse. He’s been in these pages as part of that faith-based group’s ongoing help after floods and freezes, but now, he has a different benefit to offer local congregations: preparing your church before calamity falls… 

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Long Term Faith-Focused Group Completes Damaged House

After each major storm here, national faith-based groups have come to assist in rebuilding houses and houses of worship. Most are later called away to other areas after a year or so because their mandate is helping folks across the entire country. And disasters are nothing if not perennial. But some of these non-profit helpers are local and of these, some continue to help until all they have taken on have been repaired…

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