Partnership Agreement

2024 4B DRN Partnership Agreement

For the purpose of mobilizing a network of churches to reflect the Gospel of Jesus Christ by serving people affected by disaster in the 4B area (from the Beltway to the Beach and from Brazoria County to the Bay). Our Church agrees to:
2. Appoint a Disaster Readiness Coordinator (DRC) to be the primary liaison with the 4B DRN for the purpose of:
– Communications
– Promotion
– Volunteer Recruitment/Training
2. Permit representatives from the 4B DRN access to your congregation at least one time per calendar year
3. Provide financial support to the 4B DRN for operational costs.
– $500 Annual Fee as a yearly partnership renewal, or,
– $50 Monthly Fee over the course of 12 months
– “Generosity Pledge” over and above the Annual or Monthly Fee as possible

Disaster Readiness Coordinator

Thank you for partnering with God’s work through 4B DRN! You can submit your donation one of two ways:
Make your check payable to 4B Disaster Response Network and mail to:
4B Disaster Response Network
2700B Texas Ave
Texas City, TX 77590
Make payment online via our secure payment portal by clicking the button below: